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Classes, Yoga Geelong

Classes, Yoga Geelong

CLASS description


Yoga is way more than a few down dogs and fancy sequences although that's nice, it's a way to challenge your mind, in each pose we come to a place I like to call the edge, a place where you are comfortably uncomfortable. It's a place you are challenged to grow, either physically or mentally. You can choose to drop out of a pose or you can choose to stay and grow beyond your expectations. Yoga is a place to discover who you really are, a place to let go of your story, the things we think we know about ourselves that might be limiting us. It's a place to let go of stress and truly be yourself. 

We will ask you to observe yourself, your breath and be in your body in an asana (a pose) but if it doesn't feel right you can adjust, pull back, as in the end its your journey and we are here to support you all the way.

"The mindfulness of yoga will leave you feeling strong, grounded and calm and over time his feeling will grow and deepen"

We offer a variety of classes and also do private group classes and one on one sessions. 


Dynamic. Energetic. Strengthening.

This Vinyasa style of yoga builds heat internally. Expect it to be, sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying. This powerful practice is the place to step up and transform both mind and body. 


Mindful. Fluid. Strengthening.

Vinyasa at a slower pace and with slightly less heat in the room to create a solid foundation before moving onto other styles. 

An opportunity to dive into your breath and body.


Balancing. Harmonising. Nurturing.

Targets the fascia, connective tissues, ligaments and joints of the body. With 5-6 minutes in each of the floor-based postures, we weave in mindfulness techniques making this a deeply nourishing and meditative practice. A great recovery class to add into your training routine.


Balancing.  Grounding. Restoring.

A combination of Flow & Yin. A great class to add in to your fitness routine as rehabilitation or just a more gentler approach to your yang movements

Room temp

Holistic. Grounding. Unifying.

An effortful practice focusing on the traditional elements of a vinyasa practice: breath, movement and intention. This class also introduces other elements of a yoga practice with pranayama (regulation of the breath), chanting and meditation. 

Basics yoga

Progressive. Educational. Strengthening.

This is a casual 50min workshop style class to help you build your understanding of the details of the pose, as well as offer you an opportunity to try new poses and transitions. Fun and friendly, our basics class allow you to delve deeper into the practice of yoga without having to commit to a course. Here you can learn variations of the practice that you can take into our general classes either to challenge or adapt to your specific needs. We cover the following.

  •  Breath
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)
  •  Standing Postures & Balancing
  •  Floor Postures & Twists
  •  Back Bends & Inversions

Room Temp

Transformative. Grounding. Clearing. 

Through meditation we can access a deep stillness and inner peace. This class is a time to allow the busyness and chatter of the mind to settle and to cultivate an inner state of quiet and calm. 

Guided Meditation is a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress. It promotes well being, peace of mind, and can enhance concentration and creativity. Whether you are complete beginner or have a regular meditation practice we believe the benefits of this class will permeate through to all areas of your life.


 Empowering. Strengthening.Calming

A fun yoga class based on the foundations of modern yoga. With sprinklings of philosophy to enable kids to develop self belief, self awareness and self love and then to see that also in others. No experience needed. Kids do need to be able to stay in the room  and to stay reasonably focussed for the full class. Rec age 7-11years old. But we do make exceptions.

Casual and term packages are available 


Empowering. Energising. Supportive

Well Girls 6 week program

Designed to Empower, Energise & Support Teenage Girls from 12-18 years old.

Yoga, Core30, Dance, Meditation, plus open discussions on nutrition, resilience, wellbeing, goal setting and self-acceptance and self-love.

Classes run for 60mins over a 6 weeks, each Tuesday night 4.30pm-5.30pm 

Commences Tuesday Oct 17th -Nov 28th 2017. 

cost $110.00 



Intuitive. Grounding. Nurturing.

We help you reconnect with your innate wisdom of birth, the class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy.

The pricing allows you options to suit your schedule. But I'd suggest to commit to a regular practise to notice the benefits. Conducted in a calm, peaceful environment will help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort. Yoga can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy.

Casual Preggy and Preggy class passes are available

mum's & Bubs YOGA

Restorative. Energising. Nurturing.

A safe supportive class that encourages you to centre yourself and connect back in with you. Suitable from when you feel ready for a little movement up until bub's is walking. Bub's is invited but classes are based around mum.  

The pricing of class passes or casual  classes, allows you to commit to a regular practise or come when you can.  We aim to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort.

Casual Mum's & Bub's and  Mum's and Bub's class passes  are available  



All movement is good movement.  With our Core classes we want to challenge you in ways you haven’t before but with a strong focus on functional movement. 


Dynamic. Energetic. Strengthening.

Core 30 has all the benefits of any movement classes and a HIIT (high intensity interval class), adding the element of heat. You will stretch deeper, get your heart rate up and work your core. The high temperature increases blood flow and burns calories while sweating out toxins.