Created by Yoga teacher, Pharmacist and Wellness Coach Dianne Meade 

 Di has gathered a tribe of well trained teachers to support you on your journey of wellness.


                                       DI MEADE                              Founder of Ebb & Flow         Yoga Teacher, Pharmacist, Hollistic Wellness Coach

                                       DI MEADE
                             Founder of Ebb & Flow
        Yoga Teacher, Pharmacist, Hollistic Wellness Coach




At ebb & flow we believe in complete balance of mind, body and a big dose of fun. We have created a unique stylish urban retreat that offers a variety of yoga and movement classes combined with a space for holistic wellbeing.

It's a space that makes you feel you belong to a community all striving for one common goal, optimal health. We offer a variety of classes and also do private group classes and one on one sessions. 

the studio

The heated yoga and movement studio at ebb & flow provides a friendly light filled environment and with state of the art infrared heating installed so we can offer classes in a warm comfortable environment (22-30 C ) that is therapeutic and relaxing.

Infrared thermal heating promotes increased blood flow to muscles and joints enhancing flexibility and providing cleansing benefits. Read more about heat.

Complementing the yoga and movement classes, we have worked hard to source the best natural treats for your mind and body. A modern take on the 'apothecary' and 'dispensary'. Ebb & Flow has beautifully stocked shelves with natural, botanical remedies, teas, supplements, candles, active wear, yoga mats and props and more. With a natural and ethical approach to taking care of one's body from the inside and out the wellness studio is an urban oasis that will leave you feeling pretty darn radiant. If you would like to hire our space for photoshoots or to run a workshop or If you would like to book a private group class please email us. info@ebbandflowwellness.com.au


The Tribe

                                  Front of House

                                  Front of House

                                  Front of House